- Survivorship Applications -

When two people jointly own a home and one dies, the survivor becomes the sole owner of the home by operation of a legal principle known as "right of survivorship".

It is still necessary however, to formally remove the deceased from the title to the home so that any future transactions such as a Mortgage or the Sale of the home can take place without complication.   In London and Middlesex County, this is done by means of a Survivorship Application.

A lawyer can prepare and register the Survivorship Application for you.  You should provide your lawyer with a copy of your deed and an original death certificate for the deceased.  If you do not have an original death certificate, the funeral home can usually provide one.

Legal Fees:

Survivorship Applications are charged on a flat fee basis plus HST.  There is also a small disbursement (additional cost) required to register the Survivorship Application on title.

Please feel free to contact my office for my fee and to answer any questions you may have.

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